At this early stage of development, our programs are best described in terms of these goals:


1.  To help develop and deliver public outreach and educational content, especially within the context of the Texas CLEAR Alert.  

Please see our sister website for details. 


 2. To provide creative, logistical, and financial support to other nonprofit agencies where our missions overlap, so that we can collaborate and prevent duplication of effort on public service projects. 

Partner agency:  

Texas Center for the Missing 

Image:  Example training announcement.


 3. To help develop law enforcement training resources in the CLEAR Alert context, including the following:    

- General awareness training.    

- Content suitable for inclusion in Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) continuing education.  

Image: Excerpt from awareness training presentation.


 4. To advocate for public resources needed to properly implement the CLEAR Alert so that its potential to save lives is maximized.  

Image:  KVUE Austin / Ashley Goudeau, de minimis attributed fair use in a nonprofit context. 


5.  To help support victims of crime  through encouragement and mentorship, and by contributing to victims' services outreach campaigns.  

Partner agency:

Crime Stoppers of Houston

Image: 2019 National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims


6. To provide support and “lessons learned” to legislators and their advocates in other American states and foreign jurisdictions that are developing their own adult emergency broadcast alert programs.   

Image (L):  WBRC television, Birmingham Alabama

Image (R):  Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR)

De minimis attributed fair use in a nonprofit context.